Workplace Fashion Trends of 2021

Entering the fall season soon, it may be time to rethink your workwear wardrobe. Most of us are still in slides and loungewear working from home, however with restrictions lifting it may be the end of your home office and time to get back to the workplace. Luckily, office dress ethics are easing up, allowing more freedom while still keeping professionalism in mind. The newest trend for workplace attire is what’s called “Work Leisure”. The halfway point between “athleisure” and “work attire,” workleisure will likely find itself at the forefront of return-to-office apparel. Here are some cute brands that offer ethical and stylish clothing centring comfort.


“We choose fabric based on stretch, structure, and hand-feel that gravitates towards a silky soft side,” says Lee. The brand creates its pieces using old coffee grounds, recycled plastic bottles  fishing nets, and cellulose from sustainably harvested Austrian beech trees.

Epoque Evolution

“We choose sustainable, organic, upcycled, deadstock and post-consumer waste recycled fibers when available. We work with mills that are committed to best practices and reducing the collective carbon footprint. We pick fabrics for our core collection that don’t require dry cleaning or other toxic care.”


A Canadian brand born in Vancouver, Canada! Once focused most on athletic wear, they have transformed and expanded its apparel lines to meet the office requirements of “business casual”.  They say, “We’re committed to making products that are better in every way—for people and the planet. We’re adopting practices and creating solutions that enhance our products, minimize negative impact, and contribute to restoring the environment. We focus on making products with sustainable materials and end-of-use solutions, toward a circular ecosystem.”

Whether you’re actually preparing to head back to the office or simply want to ditch your joggers for the time being, we hope you enjoy these “work leisure” options. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.