The costs associated with a traditional office space lease are often the most difficult part of  business startups because they often offer no return. Instead, virtual offices have proved to be the way for many startups as they provide a sense of professionalism, without the cost of a lease, furniture and many other accompanying costs.

Having a virtual office shows potential customers and clients that you have a “work office”. You could use your home address for important business documents or meetings, but that means sharing your personal information with strangers. Sending your mail to your designated mailbox and having a virtual office address prevents strangers from showing up at your home address. Many virtual office facilities offer receptionist duties for an added flat fee per month. You’ll have someone screen your calls, schedule appointments and manage intake paperwork for your appointments.

You’ll also be saving a lot of money on normal office operating costs as well. You have no lease payments, no maintenance fees such as cleaning, insurance, or utilities. You’ll be able to be working in the comfort of your own home with your kids and pets, with no commuting costs! Imagine all the extra sleep you can get without having to wake up earlier just to get to the office for 9 am! Not to mention the traffic that you WON’T have to deal with. Sounds pretty great to me!

Having a mailing address and phone number boosts your SEO on Google and other search engines. When someone searches for a business or place near their location, they’ll find local results across browsing platforms. A quick way to boost your SEO is to do the following on Google My Business, or websites like Yelp:

  1. Add photos of your business, your employees and your finished products wherever possible.
  2. Include a company description that focuses on the type of customer service you provide and the quality of your products / services.
  3. Make sure all information is listed: phone number, address, website, menu of services, etc.
  4. Ensure you’re listed under the proper categories.

Establishing a virtual office is the most affordable way to convey a polished business identity that instills confidence in clients while you work from your home office, the couch or wherever you choose.