Influencer Marketing- Is It Right For Your Business?

What is Influencer Marketing?

To keep it simple and short, influencer marketing is social media marketing that uses product mentions and brand endorsements from individuals that have a high social media presence and are seen as experts in their niche. Influencer marketing works because of the transparent/honest relationship the influencer has made with their followers. Their recommendations are seen as a form of social truth to your brand’s potential customers. Plugging money into promotional digital ads and not seeing an increase in sales sucks. Fortunately, influencer marketing is a very effective strategy. For every dollar brands spend on influencer marketing, they regularly see a return of $5.78.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

1.Pretty much every industry and niche have an influencer out there.

This means you will have a connection to people they influence, as well as potential people who will be highly interested in your product/service. It is very important to not just partner with any influencer. Create a partnership with someone whose interests align with your brand, as well as theirs!  However, please be careful of fake followers. An influencer can purchase fake followers, making them appear to have a much larger fan base than they actually do. When picking an influencer, first make sure their followers were obtained organically.

2.Increases Brand Awareness.

An influencer can become the driving force behind new movements because they often expose their audience to up-and-coming ideas, products and brands. With the power of social media, trends are ever-changing. By aligning your business with a trendsetting influence, you are also showing that your company is a leader. Furthermore, influencers can set trends, putting your products and services on the center stage and sending sales up.

3.Superior to Digital Ads

Promotional digital ads tend to be ignored- sometimes even blocked from people’s feeds. Even if someone could be interested in your product or service, they may never even notice it since our feeds are overflowing with content. However, if an influencer they follow discusses your product, they will be curious. This will promote engagement and website clicks. 74% of social media customers trust the opinion of networks, which includes influencers, to guide their purchase decisions.

In conclusion, influencer marketing can be beneficial to your brand if you partner with an influencer with similar interests and following. Influencer marketing, when done properly, can work for a wide range of businesses. It improves visibility, increases conversion rates, generates leads, and promotes trust with potential customers.