5 Benefits of Virtual Mail Handling

Virtual Mailboxes/Addresses provide the convenience of a PO box in digital form while also offering people and businesses a real street address over a PO box number. They also come with a better price point. In addition to this, a virtual mailbox/address provides many other services too. These services include opening, scanning, shredding, and forwarding mail.

5 Benefits of Virtual Mailboxes:

You no longer need to set up an office space, hire a receptionist or an assistant, purchase furniture, a computer, etc.
This saves a lot of costs, allowing you to put it where it is useful. While a dedicated office can help legitimize your business, the costs associated with rental fees, office equipment, and utility bills can cause serious financial strain on companies who are trying to get established. This way, start-ups can invest everything in the growth and development of their offering as they build toward acquiring physical office space. Businesses that are just starting out and don’t have a dedicated office or commercial space yet use virtual mailboxes as a starting off point.

Receive mail and package deliveries from any carrier, including UPS and FedEx. With someone available to always sign for the mail, you won’t have a worry about missing important documents or packages. Another disadvantage of a PO Box is that a PO Box is not accepted as your commercial business address so many companies don’t deliver.

Creates a good first impression and lends your business credibility
Using your home address doesn’t look credible. A virtual office address used through a mail-forwarding service solves this. A good image and financial dependability are two of the most important factors that business owners concentrate on when building a successful start-up.

-A standard PO box could cost you a lot
In Canada, you can’t use a PO box number to register with Google My Business, as well as the CRA. Both require a physical address. The Canadian Revenue Agency states “You cannot use such things as rural route (RR) numbers or post office (PO) boxes as a business address “. Not being able to do either seriously hinders your ability to run a business.

Screening and disposal of junk mail and mail forwarding.
Depending on your mail provider, the cost to forward and handle your mail can add up very quickly. This can be especially frustrating if the bulk of your paper waste is junk or spam mail you didn’t ask for. You will have someone sort through your mail and filter out the junk to guarantee that any mail you receive is relevant and important to you. The important stuff can be forwarded to you so you’ll never need to step foot out the door, or conveniently placed in your mailbox. Say goodbye to junk mail and hello to receiving only mail that matters to you.