The construction industry can always find a niche on social media platforms that allows them to grow their presence, brand and ultimately drive sales. In our opinion the paint industry has a unique ability to truly captivate an audience and grow quickly.

You might ask yourself, why would an audience follow a painting company? The answer is that people tend to follow an account for 3 reasons; to educate themselves, for inspiration and for entertainment.

  1. EDUCATION: Though painting is a SKILL the barrier to entry is low for the average joe to try themselves at home for small DIY projects. These DIY people are the first level of customer you can appeal to on social media. Posting tips & tricks to paint your home is something that adds value and ultimately holds their attention.

How does this help me make money?  We are big believers that social media is a brand building platform. That doesn’t mean in the short term you won’t see any ROE, these same people you are educating may take on a job that is too large for them. They could try to paint a small room and find it is allot more work than it looks and need a painter to finish the project. You will be their go to since your brand has now been positioned in their minds as an expert in the field.

  1. INSPIRATION: Homeowners, designers, property managers, realtors and the rest of your target market are always keeping an eye out for the next big thing! To get in front of these individuals painting companies can provide their top picks for the month and trending color schemes. Repost other designers who’s styles you like, and think are on trend.How does this help your brand? It all feeds back to the fact that YOU are the expert and have a level of understanding that the customer would not be able to put together very easily by themselves. Providing this information for free gives you the advantage over your competitors and reinforces your brand positioning.
  2. ENTERTAINMENT: Transforming spaces usually can’t be done without paint! You can change furnishing, lighting, flooring, but ultimately the walls take up most of the space. Here is where you can shine! Video is outperforming written or still imagery on social media, close videos of the wall color being applied paired with before and after shots are a great way to go.What is the goal? To be authentic and simply have fun with the platform! Users crave authenticity more than ever so if you and your brand are out-going be sure to play to those strengths of comedy and colorful personalities. If you lean more to traditional and luxury, go into it using nice background music and clean-cut lines.

To be relevant now and in the future being on social media networks and owning your piece of the pie is already important and will be a necessity for success. Everything in this post is a brief overview of how to begin your social media journey. If you have any questions or would like to add to this, be sure to drop a comment or connect with us on our social networks.